Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Close encounters of the animal kind

At the weekend,Mr Grigg was out dog walking when he came so close to a deer they almost kissed. The animal strolled boldly through the long grass, unaware its movements were being tracked . It woke from its dream with a startle and fled before Mr Grigg had the chance to say hello.

The next day, he was driving up the hill when a lumbering creature the size of a domestic cat walked in front of the car. He slowed down to see a brown hare ambling tortoise-like across the road. It stopped on the grass verge and glanced up as he passed before it turned round and disappeared into the horse daisies.

This evening, heading out for a match with the Mapperton Marauders, Mr Grigg goes up to the attic to find his cap and cricket box. He pulls it out of the bag and finds a mouse has got there first. The cricket box is nibbled neatly around the edges.

It could have been worse. The mouse might still have been in it.


That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. How uncomfortable it must have been to don said box, très itchy, poor Mr Grigg.

  2. Oh those first two encounters must have been enchanting.. particularly the deer. Nice.

  3. i bet that poor mouse wondered where the rest of his super had disappeared to.

  4. It's obvious to me, even without having met him, that Mr Griff has a certain animal magnetism.

  5. There are things worth learning from tortoises - and others, not.


  6. Hello - just found your blog, a great find!


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