Friday, 7 May 2010

Oliver Letwin takes West Dorset

I'm a bit tired but our election here in West Dorset is over. Just to say that Mr Grigg is cock-a-hoop. Our MP, Oliver Letwin, retained his seat. He's a very nice man, even if I didn't vote for him. I will let Mr Grigg have his moment of glory, just like he didn't allow me in 1997. But I don't forget easily.

Whatever the result, the big story of the day will be the hundreds of people turned away from the polling stations. If the same thing had happened in the Third World, we would have been banging on about corruption.

Anyway, the posters are being taken down from the window and I'm having a lie-in.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. I'll have to check out the news website to find out why people would have been turned away from a polling station.
    Too bad your candidate didn't win - but it looks as though things are going to be very interesting over your way until a government is formed.

  2. why couldn't people vote? sounds catastrophic to me.

  3. Some polling stations ran out of voting papers, others let people in and then sealed the polling boxes at 10pm. There were massive queues in some parts - although not here in the Enchanted Village- and despite getting to the polling stations on time, people wer denied the vote because of the queues. Appalling.

  4. I am from India .As such this is nothing new over here. But in Britain ........ On second thought did we inherit this trait from Britain? No offense meant .I was very much upset when my ruling party instead of selecting a person from among those who have contested and won an election which would be the democratic way , appointed a person from among those who could not contest nor would he have won at that time. This happened a second time and I used to talk about it .And somebody later pointed to me that Gordon Brown was not an elected member of the parliament. Which came first the British habit or the indian imitation?


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