Sunday, 2 May 2010

Listen to the music

It's a day to be stuck indoors. Outside, it's grey and drizzling. Inside, though, it's deep joy.

Mr Grigg is clearing out the attic before the builders arrive later in the week. So I am going back in time thanks to a treasure chest of vinyl he's just discovered in the attic. John Martyn, XTC, Talking Heads, Lou Reed, Kraftwerk, Joan Armatrading and Steely Dan.

Hell, even David Cassidy sounds good forty years on. Didn't we have ourselves some kind of a summer? We sure did David.

But Richard Clayderman? How on earth did he slip into my collection? Must be Mr Grigg's.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. John Martin and Joan for me...sorry David!!
    Take care

  2. I'm amazed that you still have a record player on which to listen to vinyl!

  3. That's weird....I also had Richard Clayderman. What were we thinking?!

  4. That's such a great list of music. David Cassidy - the wallpaper of my teenage years ...

  5. I think you've got my B's collection here Maddie! Mine was (please not the past tense) full of Wham, Heart, Duran Duran & Spandau Ballet et al, but also Stevie Nicks and Boston!

  6. What fun! There's nothing like the memories of old favourite music. It's amazing how many lyrics you remember once each song begins.


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