Saturday, 1 May 2010

Knocking on heaven's door

The bronze nymph has disappeared.

Her plinth at the eastern end of The Enchanted Village is bare, just days after I wrote about us waiting with bated breath for her to take off her poncho for the real rite of spring.  Everyone was looking forward to seeing her nakedness again, like Botticelli's Venus rising from her slumber. Now only emptiness welcomes visitors.

It could be that she has been taken in for some routine maintenance. I fear, however, it might be propriety. Someone, somewhere, is obviously fearful for our moral souls.

Because this morning, a very large people carrier dropped off a gaggle of Jehovah's Witnesses at the top of the village. They were sent forth in pairs in various directions. The ones at my door were very nice, giving me a leaflet and then asking me if it was OK to smell my wallflowers, which I thought perhaps might be code for 'this one's going to burn in hell'.

But their appearance made a change from all the political callers we've been having lately. We are in what is now considered a marginal seat, made all the more marginal, I fear, by the Tories' own campaign posters urging people to Vote for Change. This is if a conversation Mr Loggins had with old people in Sherborne this week is anything to go by. He swears it is absolutely true, and it goes something like this:

'Hello ladies, and what do you think about this election then? Decided who you are going to vote for?'

'Well,' says one. 'We're a bit confused. We've been voting Conservative all our lives but now they're telling us we've got to vote for change. So we're thinking about Liberal Democrat. That Mr Clegg seems such a nice man.'

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. Yikes! Maybe some Danes kidnapped her took her up to Egtved to be with her kin - the Egtved Pigen (Egtved girl) see here

    I always like to visit her when we're in the neighbourhood.

    Watching your election with interest .......

  2. Pondside, it's in Danish. Any chance of a translation please?

  3. Maggie have a look here for Egtved in English courtesy of Google Translate!

    On the Danish theme I think Tollund Man is probably more appropriate in the circumstances. Pickled over time he is very unlikely to come back to life!

    Quote:"The head and face were so well-preserved that he was mistaken at the time of discovery for a recent murder victim" !!

    Keeping the theme running just for a mo!! I think we may have a repeat of the Weymouth Relief Road massacre by Friday morning if not before......

  4. exactly what I was thinking....
    election?? hmm, interesting..sitting Greece..listening to Radio 4...
    life continues...not a riot in sight!!

  5. We're in a marginal seat, too. We've had three forests worth of paper put through the door in the last two weeks.

  6. I like the converstation Mr Loggins had with the ladies :)

    sorry to hear you have a missing naked lady... keep us posted.

    best wishes

  7. Long Year, have to do a dissertation on Bog Child by the end of May. May slip some of that in, so to speak.
    Naked lady last seen round the back, being given a good spring clean. Will post more when I have news.

  8. Oh plsed that there has been a sighting Maddie twould be a shame if she were stole.
    I think I am going to vote for the Green Party this time - they are the only ones conserving paper and not littering our countryside with stupid signs!

  9. We're in a marginal seat, too. We've had three forests worth of paper put through the door in the last two weeks.

  10. Have no fear; Jehovah's Witnesses don't believe in Hell.


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