Thursday, 6 May 2010

It's make your mind up time

Election day in The Enchanted Village and things are deadly quiet.

People wearing blue rosettes are stalking the village. I am invited in for coffee by my district councillor who tells me it doesn't matter what my politics are and do I take sugar.

I have sort of nailed my colours to the mast this time around, making a statement in a sea of blue. I am voting tactically, even if the Prime Minister says I shouldn't, because to do anything else around here would be a waste of a vote

In the Grigg household, there is a good-natured split, with posters for two political parties up in the window. The blue and orange - complimentary colours - look good against the purple door and profusion of wallflowers and pink and black tulips.

Although I have a sneaking admiration for the man up the road who has Labour posters all over his house and garden, in a village that is a sea of blue.

When I saw him in the pub, I walked across the bar to congratulate him.

'I thought you were going to punch me,' he said, flinching.

To be fair, our sitting MP Oliver Letwin has been a very good constituency MP. It's just a shame he's Conservative.

Tonight, as the results come in, we are having an election party, with our neighbours Mr and Mrs Champagne-Charlie, Mrs Bancroft and Nobby Odd-Job. I have persuaded my good friend Pelly Sheepwash and her husband, Anakin, to attend, just to restore some political balance. There is only so much Tory guffawing I can take.

I also need allies. Nobby Odd-Job is conducting a second investigation after his Tory poster was removed from his garden. Without wishing to protest too much, I can honestly say it was not me.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. We'll be watching from over here - do you really think whoever wins will make much difference, in the end?........

  2. I loved your blog! its very special and creative! xxx


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