Sunday, 9 May 2010

Fun in the field

On a cold May day that seems more like March, Mr Grigg saunters up to the playing field in rolled-up shorts and fake Crocs. You would think his team had won the cup rather than the general election. Fortunately for The Enchanted Village, he is wearing a T-shirt and an old fleece.

With Mr Loggins giving him coaching tips from the sidelines, he walks away from the coconut shy with two coconuts from three balls, narrowly missing the six-year-old ball girl behind the net. As a consolation, she is given a share of his winnings, and then Mr Grigg promptly backs the winner in the snail race, which crosses the line first despite an obvious handicap.

On the way home, with me and Pelly Sheepwash in thick coats and gloves, Mr Grigg declares he might just have to light the fire this evening.

Mr Loggins then wails: "At least you've got a fire."

Mr Loggins, you may remember, has just demolished the Love Shack to make way for a new house made of logs which might be finished some time this decade.

So I look at Mr Loggins and say: "No, that's not quite right. You've got a fire but no house."

"Ah yes," he says, remembering the lonely monolith up there on the hill.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. Is Mr Griggs looking forward to a return match in the autumn?

    (Election, not coconuts)

    Esther Montgomery

  2. Love the snail picture! I had to look closely, and then I laughed!

  3. That was fun.. and great photos too. :)

  4. The weather best buck up...I'm arriving in June!!

  5. I'm still trying to figure out why your Mr Grigg was throwing coconuts at an innocent little girl. More odd goings-on in your village.

  6. A two headed snail! Yes it is bloomin cold isn't it.

  7. The snail picture was great :-))

  8. I found you through Blogs of Note, and I am enchanted! Can't wait to get to know you all better. (What's with the snail? Is it one snail hitching a ride on another or does that snail actually have two heads)?

  9. It's actually one snail hitching a ride on another, a bit like our new political leaders. But not as slimy (the snails, obviously).

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  11. This blog has heart
    and head...


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