Monday, 15 March 2010

A whole lot of loving going on...

On a small hill above The Enchanted Village, Mr Loggins is busy dismantling the Love Shack. He and Darling have lived here for two years, in wind and rain, in cold and cold with only their dream of opening a sustainable B&B keeping them alive.

Although it is sunny in village, the bronze nymph is still wearing the poncho. Imagine how cold Mr Loggins must be up on that roof.

Now they have planning permission to build a new home, Mr Loggins is pulling the Love Shack apart. It is made of wood and corrugated iron. A hobbit hole in The Shire would have been more comfortable.

Meanwhile, in news from the other side of the village, the doggers have been exposed. A local couple have been filming themselves cavorting in the woods on The Hill. If Mr Loggins got his binoculars out and panned around from the delightful view from what used to be his back door, he might catch them out.

Somebody, though, already has. I asked my informant who it was and if the naked cavorting had anything to do with the common stinkhorn (the delightfully named phallus impudicus), the response was 'It's some dome-shaped spore thrower'. I think I know who it is.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. You sure have some interesting developments happening around there.

  2. Someone I know quite well recentl said "doggers? It's only people walking their dogs". And meant it.


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