Friday, 12 March 2010

Manor from heaven

Like the little boy who cried wolf, I have been threatening to throw my toys out of the pram and give up this blog. A month away Down Under and I realised I couldn't turn my back on life here in my corner of Dorset.

So not only have I given the kiss of life to The World from My Window, I've also started another blog, following my trials and tribulations in a part-time job at a stately home. Hop across to Manor from heaven and be among my first followers. With a bit of luck, her ladyship might put my wages up.

That's about it

Love Maddie


  1. I've already signed up to be a follower of your new escapade, it sounds so exciting.
    If you are not yet eligible for a wage increase, then maybe giftshop goodies at a discount will suffice.
    Good Luck !

  2. Hi Brit - if you and Jama Genie are ever over this way, you can claim your first follower prize - a cup of tea (on me, obviously). You're right about the discount - I get 10 per cent but can't work out how to show that on the till. I might have it figured out by the end of the season...

  3. I love hearing about life in big houses!! Maybe I'm just nosey, but I'll hopping over.

    CJ xx


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