Monday, 28 December 2009

The Miracle of Christmas

It is three days AFTER Christmas and this morning we finally put up all the decorations. That's how behind we are in the Grigg household.

However, we are thanking our lucky stars. While Mr Grigg and I have had a lovely Christmas, friends and family have not had it so good. It started with my dear friend Pelly Sheepwash being wiped out by the usual end-of-term bug which saw her issuing instructions from the sofa, Roman empress-style, to her large brood.

Then there was calamity and woe in Jamie Lee and Ted Moult's household. After a lovely evening at Mr F Word and Camilla's, at which Mr Grigg disgraced himself by spilling red wine all over the pristine white tablecloth and then broke the glass trying to clear it up, we left very warily in the ice.

We dropped off Posh Totty and MDF Man at their house, unaware of the drama going on up the road. The resourceful Jamie Lee, who must have come from the same 'don't walk without carrying' stable as me, decided to use the return trip to post some last minute Christmas cards. Teetering up to the Sheepwashes just outside Tuppence's house, she slipped on the ice. This was bad enough but she brought 17-stone Ted down on top of her. Mr Grigg suggested later this is what happens when you fancy a bit of al fresco rumpy-pumpy at midnight. But diminutive Jamie Lee was badly hurt, although no bones broken. She needed hospital treatment and we doubt if she will be fighting fit for some weeks yet.

On Christmas Day, poor Mr Grigg's mother had to have her much-loved corgi put down. Mr Grigg and his brothers said a few prayers as they buried the dog at the bottom of the garden.

We then learned my son-in-law's father is dangerously ill in hospital. Our thoughts are with him and the family.

So with this doom and gloom all around us, we very much count our blessings. Our sombre mood was cheered on Boxing Day by the sight of Number One Granddaugther, aged four, in a Scooby Doo suit, playing the harmonica accompanied on guitar by my strumming nephew, and the distinctive laugh of a long-lost cousin, found this year through Facebook.

The miracle of Christmas.

That's about it

Love Maddie x


  1. Sorry to hear how arduous Christmas has been for all of you. Thanks for the memory jolt. Rumpy Pumpy takes me way back....

  2. Goodness me you certainly seem to have had a rum time of it. Alfresco rumpy pumpy is not recommeded in the ice. You are in serious danger of getting a numb bum or worse still a touch of frost bite... sorry was that too much detail?

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  4. I hope the New Year is a little kinder to your village and family than the end of the old was.
    All the best in 2010 - I enjoy your posts SO much...thank you!


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