Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Many hands make light work

Scientists spent hundreds of hours working out that octopuses are intelligent.

Mr Grigg's brother spent five minutes working out the same thing.

Oh to be in a warm climate, now the cold and wet is here.

That's about it

Love Maddie x


  1. It's good to know that there's intellingence undersea and that some species are evolving upwards while ours seems to be devolving.
    Yes - a little sunshine, warmth on the head, hot sand underfoot would be lovely right about now.

  2. Yes I am increasingly thinking (excuse grammar I am tired)that animals are far superior to us in intelligence and even morality.

  3. Here here on the title of the post - keep telling MY LOT the same thing. Also here here on the warm climate. Wishing you warm fires and a wonderful christmas. Thanks for all your comments this year. xx


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