Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Mr Grigg unpacks a new bag of tricks

The wind shifted to London this week as the green cabbage soup-stuffed Mr Grigg went up to The Smoke for a conference.

He came back laden with two jamboree bags full of goodies - lots of pens for the village quiz on Saturday, two memory sticks, a stress ball, a mug, a pack of tissues, a hand gel dispenser, a wind-up torch, eight remote controlled light switches, a personal alarm, a triangular highlighter pen with nibs at each corner and a gaggle of gonks.

He plunged his hand into one of the bags and pulled out a small thing that looked a bit like a tape measure.

'Now, this is the best thing of all,' he said, like an excited child. I think he was trying to sweeten me up after telling me that drinking until 2.30am in the hotel lounge with two female strangers was called 'networking'.

He held one end of the thing and then pulled a long thread out. He looked puzzled.

'Now what was it the chap said this was for?' he said to himself.

'A garroting device?' I suggested.

He's taking me out for a meal now. It's the least he can do.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. I think it's sweet that Mr Grigg was up front about drinking with strange women until 2:30 a.m., no matter what he called it. ;D

  2. You've got to love conference gadgets. I can back from Prague with a staple puller-outer. We had no idea what it was and were trying all sorts of things from filing nails to opening letters until an American woman came and explained. She was quite sniffy about it...

  3. Don't listen to the others - I'm sure Mr Grigg was working and networking the entire time, and that any drinking was purely in support of whatever-the-heck.
    I was at a conference in Ottawa earlier this week and all we got were pens and paper - conferences are becoming victims of the crunch here.

  4. JG - I did omit to say there was also a strange man there too, but why spoil a good story?
    Reg - a conference in Prague? Whatever was that for?
    Pondy - I've just taken all those useless gonks round to my grand-daughter (4), which really annoyed her mother.


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