Friday, 27 November 2009

Move on up

A family of seagulls - mother, father and baby - fly in spirals overhead. They are inland, taking shelter from the stormy coast. They cry in unison, a sad call now that winter is here.

Up the road, plans are afoot to dismantle the Loggins's house, the love shack, ready for the timber rebuild in the new year. But first, the shed in the garden has to be taken down and moved to the little patch of ground Mr Grigg has on loan from Farmer Mayfield, where it will be used as a log store. So up at the Loggins abode, in a scene reminiscent of Delaney's Donkey, there was Loggins pushing it, shoving it, shooshing it, Sheepwash, Grigg and all the bally crew. The muscles of the mighty, never known to flinch, they couldn't move the shed a quarter of an inch...

Exhausted, the boys vowed to leave it for another day. Meanwhile, the wind had other ideas, blew the corrugated iron roof off into the middle of the lane and that hero of heroes, Celebrity Farmer, pitched up while no-one was looking and single-handedly placed the entire shed atop a flatbed trailer.

So on Sunday, the shed is off to its new home, with a reception party to greet it and put it in its place.

What worries me if there is this much trouble moving a small shed, taking apart the love shack is going to be an epic performance.

That's about it

Love Maddie x


  1. The image that comes to mind - no Hercules in your town, I guess!

  2. I think you may have to get that Celebrity Farmer back to help you with the love shack.

    Ah, great shack!

    Love RMxx

  3. The love shack? I'm intrigued - and will probably find out that this has a perfectly innocent explanation. But why the love shack? Does this have something to do with Ding Dong Daddy, Randy Munchkin and Mrs Posh Totty? Please stop my mind whirling...

    Also wondering if it's the same Celebrity Farmer I know (how many can there be?)

    x x x

  4. Thanks for your comments girls, always appreciated.
    Naomi, Mr and Mrs Loggins bought the love shack - a pre-fab bungalow thrown together some years ago - with a view to pulling it down and building a new log home on the site where they are going to do environmentally-friendly B&B. They have had lots of tussles with the planners ever since. It's been so cold up there they only had their lurve to keep them warm, hence the love shack. I am not aware of any orgies including the aforementioned characters but you never know...
    I use the term 'celebrity' very loosely here. But as CB is one of my followers, he may be able to fill you in. xx

  5. Sounds like quite the endeavor. And decent fodder for a few blog posts to come. :)


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