Monday, 9 November 2009

Pasties at dawn

In a greasy spoon not far from Liverpool Street Station, word reaches us that Clint Eastwood is in town. According to Mrs Bancroft's Daily Mail, the man with no name is taking over several streets around Spitalfields for his latest film.

I am sitting opposite Number One Son and Mr Grigg and squeezed on to a bench seat next to Mr Sheepwash. Cue the music for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Tumbleweed blows along the pavement, the Eastern European waitress freezes in mid-frame. Mr Grigg lets out a gasp. We look around. From the collective corners of our eyes, we see a sinister reflection in the pub window across the road. The shocking, blood red logo on the side of a delivery lorry moves slowly towards Mr Grigg like the truck in Duel, the shark in Jaws, the alien in Alien.

Mr Grigg shudders. He is afraid, very afraid.

He shuffles on his seat.

'I think I'll give that pasty a miss,' he says.

That's about it

Love Maddie x


  1. Oh, you've made me laugh with this ... and of course, I now need to know why you were in that greasy spoon and what happened next.

    We are having unseasonably warm weather here and my neighborhood is being used as a site for several tv productions (Law and Order...again, and some others whose names I do not recognize.) Something was being filmed somewhere on my street early this morning ....

    I missed the entire thing, because I was working on a birthday gift for a dear friend, and painting my Christmas cards.

    It's fun to see how much equipment is required to do these locations.


  2. That's not a pasty!!
    I once went to the factory..never touched them since!!

  3. Am supposed to be writing a 3000 word piece before Sunday but am stuck having a lovely time catching up with blogs instead!

  4. I'm playing hooky from Real Life too. Thank heavens for the internet, Maddie, so you can share your gift for making people smile with the world, not just the locals! I can't recall reading your posts without busting out laughing *at least* once. You're a treasure!


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