Friday, 6 November 2009

Banished to the henhouse

I'm in the doghouse. Or to be more precise, the chicken coop.

Through one of my blog characters, I am guilty of libel. Now, being trained in this sort of thing, I wouldn't normally admit my mistake. However, as the character is question is Russell's Crow, I think I might stand a chance of getting away with it. Although if a cockerel in the past could be prosecuted, then I suppose it is possible for a cockerel to turn the tables and take out a private prosecution.

The thing is, you see, poor Russell's Crow is still alone. Yes, his girlfriends were slaughtered by a serial killing fox but, despite my suggestions to the contrary, they have not been replaced. Those white things I saw in the pen were indeed the ghost of hens past, the zombie chickens of yesteryear.

So I apologise for the distress I have caused poor Russell's Crow who, I am told, narrowly escaped getting his feet bitten off by the aforementioned fox. He is still crowing each morning, lord of the very little he surveys.

Me, I am off to London for the weekend with my head hanging in shame. I have a new haircut. A more defined bob with those irritating bits of hair at the front. Mr Grigg has threatened to cut them off while I am asleep.

But as my hairdresser said to me yesterday, you might be a country bumpkin but you don't have to look like one.

That's about it

Love Maddie x
PS 8,355 words so far in National Novel Writing Month. Only another 41,700 to go...


  1. I am most concerned for Mr Crow. Is there any chance of his gaining some more wives?

  2. Poor Russell. He needs few ladies to keep him company!

    Well done on NaNo and managing to do normal things like have haircuts while doing it. I look like a country bumpkin. There's no hope.

  3. Keep going with the writing maddie. I'm impressed.

  4. I am due to go the hairdresser next week - maybe this will be the answer. Have a good time in London!

  5. I've no excuse and a lot of catching up to do - Nanowrimo-wise. Well done to you and have a fantastic time in London. Dawn x

  6. A new profile pic of the hair do?

  7. I don't think you will ever be a country bumpkin !! hope you had fun in London;

  8. Oops!
    Well done on the NNWM figs. I chickened out!


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