Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A winter's tale

There is an advert on Westcountry Television at the moment, advertising the latest attraction to the Plymouth Pavilions this coming Sunday. It's getting me down.

Big time.

You know you're getting old when the pop star whose poster graced your teenage bedroom and looked like this:

now looks like this:

No offence, but every time the advert comes on I think it's my brother-in-law. The one who looks like Bill Oddie.

Rock On.

That's about it

Love Maddie x


  1. That is never David Essex. You must have it wrong! That's a Labour politician from the west midlands, surely?

    Funny you post about him. A few days ago I finally managed to get the movies That'll Be The Day and Stardust.

  2. It seems that your former heart-throb must have come to Canada and signed up with the New Democrats. Is that an old cardigan he's wearing?
    You know, I had to come over to your blog site to catch up before heading to bed on my first night home. You had me worried with your talk of giving up blogging, you had me sighing at the photo of the gorgeous hills, and laughing at the image you produced of the encounter in the Greek bathroom. I'm glad that you've given up on giving up.
    Oh...and I've never, ever gone to a reunion. You are much braver than I!

  3. never!! That can't be him....
    Mind,I couldn't believe how ancient my ex looked at the wedding..everyone thought he was my grandfather...............

  4. DP&M - enjoy those films. I wonder if I can order them through the mobile library?
    Pondside - I definitely had a wobbly moment, and then came through it. Re the reunion, I went to a school one once and hated it - this was different because we were a small group and all had a common cause to start with.
    Jude - yep, that's him. Ha! love the comment about the wedding. I haven't seen your photos yet, or mine, and want to. Soon.

  5. Looks like Anthony Hopkins to me! I remember as a kid going to see David Essex in Mutiny on the Bounty at the theatre - swoon....

  6. P.S. Am SOOO glad you aren't leaving us. x

  7. Oh my goodness!! What a shock! He looks so like Anthony H are you sure it's David E?!!

  8. Or as my blogging chum Bill Blunt recounted, you know you're getting old when Bob Dylan brings out a Christmas record.

  9. Well I think I have aged better than he has, mind you I have almost given up looking in the mirror in order to hang on to my confidence!

  10. oooooh er I had the pleasure of meeting him in his heyday, gorgeous or what ?

  11. I loved him too!!! So glad I didn't marry him when I planned to!!! (not that we ever met, minor detail), but I always felt sure he'd spot me at a concert, screaming my head off, and think how attarctive I looked and that he just had to marry me!! That'll be the day!!! As they used to say. Lucy

  12. I feel your pain, my heartthrob was Paul McCartney, need I say more?! however, no matter what he looks like now, he will always have a special place in my heart!

  13. This is why I don't go to high school reunions. Better to remember my classmates pre-gravity and wrinkles. I, of course, look exactly the same as I did at 20. ;D


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