Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A drinks party to welcome the neighbours

The mist has descended on the village this morning like it does, suddenly, all through the year. The top of The Hill is completely obscured by fog and the ground is squelchy and damp underfoot. In the street, the recycling boxes and bags are full of paper, bottles and cans. The Grigg abode is no exception, with an extra bag for bottles after a party to welcome the new neighbours, Mr and Mrs Champagne-Charlie.

They were quite taken aback when the doorbell kept ringing. Villager after villager strolled through our front door, clutching wine bottles and cans.

'We didn't expect all these people,' they said.

'Neither did I,'I replied.

Some 18 people crammed into the cottage, enjoying Mr Grigg's stuffed rabbit and roasted vegetable tart, my bread and butter pudding made with Lidl's panettone and a pavlova I renamed 'effing mess' after dropping it on the floor. When Ted Moult and Posh Totty drank us out of house and home, Mrs Bancroft was sent across the road for reinforcements and came back clutching three bottles of white wine.

'They're not chilled,' she said, 'I just grabbed them from the cellar.'

I ask you. You just can't get the staff these days.

That's about it

Love Maddie x


  1. Panettone in Lidl already,,,blimey!!
    Sounds like a good do!!

  2. I understand the problems with staff, but one must try to keep standards up, nevertheless.
    Panettone - must have a look to see if it's out here yet.

  3. Just had a catch-up here and a good laugh, thanks!

  4. That sounds like the best sort of party no arranging and fretting just a lot of fun. Welcome to the two new faces on the blog!

  5. Standards! like the sound of the food too. I'd have popped in if I had been invited and knew where you were and lived anywhere near.


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