Monday, 7 September 2009

The wedding of the year

The wedding of the year has been and gone. And all is well.

This was despite dropping the plug from the iron on my big toe as I was pressing the lapel on my linen coat, finding live nits in the flaxen curls of the four-year-old bridesmaid (Number One Grand-daughter), the dressmaker leaving a stitch where she shouldn't have in the wedding dress (discovered with minutes to spare) , Number One Daughter whipping the wrong wedding speech from her cleavage and then having to ad lib her way out of it and the Best Man joking that 'nothing sucks like an Electrolux, apart from the bride'. It was the only time I've been glad my elderly mother is hard of hearing.

Number One Son looked the part as he led his big sister up the aisle, preceded by the fairy grand-daughter. I was proud of them but managed not to cry. Composure is my middle name. I got through the bit in my speech when I thanked the two substitute fathers in my daughter's life but welled up when I turned the spotlight on my parents, who were there for her and me, right at the beginning when I was a frightened teenager with a baby.

Number One Grand-daughter was a hit at the evening do in her Sportacus suit, as was a much-loved but long-lost cousin, found by me on Facebook, whose arrival had everyone sobbing. The rain held off, my hat and shoes were the talk of the day and Number One Daughter turned from Bridezilla into the Princess Bride. As I knew she would.

Photos to follow.

That's about it

Love Maddie x


  1. Glad everything went well for you - on the whole - but what's a wedding without a few crises.

    I hope the couple will have a long and happy marriage.

    Don't talk to me about nits. We no sooner have got rid of them in grandchildren's hair than they are back. They seem to be growing resistant to all treatments except the most laborious one of combing the hair through whilst soaked in conditioner.

  2. Have had a lovely catch up.

    So glad the wedding went well, you can ALL relax now,


  3. Ever so pleased it was a happy day and that all went well. Whose wedding did number one daughter get muddled up with though? - really looking forward to seeing some pics - it's the shoe thing!

  4. But which outfit and shoes?

  5. Hurry up and post those photos!!
    Nits, bad speeches, problem stitches and a pre-wedding injury......all the usual ingredients for a family wedding! Of course, I'm picturing some poor soul, after the festivities, going through the little one's hair. Been there, done that, spent countless hours with the comb. Found it went faster if someone would read to the little one while I combed.

  6. Rose - those darn nits. I used to put tea tree oil on my son's hair regularly, which seemed to do the trick, although he won't thank me for publishing that
    GG - we were shattered, so nice to relax now. I didn't actually do very much, daughter did it all but it is still draining.
    CK - Daughter had also done a speech for the evening do and mixed them up. Still, she ad libbed very well.
    Gail - Outfit number 1. I will post soon as, but realise the hat was a cross between Eliza Doolittle and the Giles cartoon grandma.
    Pondy - Waiting for niece-in-law to send me her David Bailey shots. I left the camera at home so I could hold my new handbag properly.
    Those darn nits. I found the fairy grand-daughter's nits just BEFORE the wedding and was terrified she was going to scratch her way up the aisle.

  7. Glad everything went well - well whats a wedding without a couple of disasters - looking forward to the pics

  8. Sounds totally splendid - love the speeches in particular! Looking forward to lots of photos and loved the idea of the long lost cousin turning up. Facebook is vindicated!

  9. Sounds a great DO, and an enjoyable day. Don't forget Mr Grigg in the blue suit and pink shirt when you post the photos. And you plus hat of course.

  10. And when you post the photos don't forget to tell us which one Mr Grigg is this time!! Wedding sounds fantastic - I love all the crises too...sounds like you handled them perfectly. Hope no nits jumped into your hair though ;-) xx

  11. It sounds like a great day, tiny mishaps or not. But don't you feel a sense of completeness when it's over? I did when my daughter married. I can't believe the best man's speech... sounds a bit off. Did Mr. G. chin him one afterwards?

  12. I'm welling up Maddie. More photos please as I love the Faceook ones posted by your lovely daughter.


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