Tuesday, 22 September 2009

England versus Germany

Sandwiched between yachts full of Germans in the Ionian. Can Mr Grigg's brother cope? Hop across to next installment of The world from my porthole.

That's about it

Love Maddie x


  1. OH, dear. Poor brother-in-law.

    But how lucky for you to have a yacht!

    Just beware of pirates, especially those disguised as Bears! Arrrrgh!

  2. Am envious of your travels Maddie! Wouldn't mind being on a yacht in the Ionian right now...Glad you're having fun and finding sun.

    Weirdly, I just posted a belated thing on Keith Floyd's death. So you are not the only one - and I don't have your excuses! Just plain disorganised..Anyway, fab to hear that you knew him and to get those insights. Thank you. He was a character and will be much missed.

    Enjoy the sailing.

  3. Beautiful line full of gotch - German or English?

  4. I wish my sea legs were better. It must be wonderful to go off like that.

    warm wishes

  5. Rob-bear - Luckily, I have my own Big Bear - Mr Grigg!
    Her on the Hill - how strange, you getting round to blogging about Floyd too. I will come over and have a look.
    Pondy - glotch?? It's my knickers and bikini...
    Bluestocking Mum - yes, it is, I keep pinching myself frequently.


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