Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Autumn arrives

It is morning here in Mu Mu Land. The church clock strikes eight and then a reversing bus goes 'peep...peep...peep' as it does a three-point turn in the Square. This has been its manoeuvre ever since a gung-ho driver thought he could get round the corner of the one-way system and shaved several stones off the pub wall in the process.

A blind terrier called Titch yap-yap-yaps at nothing in particular as he scuttles along to the village shop with his elderly owner, Effie. She and Titch have been away from the village for months after Effie hurt herself in a fall. Many of us thought they might never come back. Titch's incessant yapping became a thing of the past and poor old Effie was forgotten. Then, out of the blue, Effie turns up at the village flower show, looking younger and more spritely than she has ever done in the past 10 years. Titch is still blind and still yapping. But those of us in the know feel things are now back as they should be. Justified, and ancient, and autumn.

Secondary school age children swagger down to the bus, great big backpacks swinging from their shoulders. A short while later the smaller ones, holding their mothers' hands, walk down to the village school. I see Pelly Sheepwash dawdling as if she were being dragged to work by some invisible force. Bellows barges past the house, late for work as usual, and a little while later Randy Munchkin will be reluctantly switching off her home computer to do her stint at the school.

The pelargoniums in front of the village pump are losing their vigour. They look as if they are a withering bunch of flowers placed there for a crash victim. Fortunately, my bete noire, the bizzy lizzies in their concrete pots, have long since gone to mush and been carted away.

It is autumn here in Mu Mu Land, where the seasonal cycle dictates that everything must change but, on the grand scale of things, nothing actually does. The fields are beginning to fill up with crunchy leaves, churned-up mud and magic mushrooms. The blackberries slowly ripen and the blackthorn branches are heavy with sloes. The spaniels chase the rabbits zig-zagging through the grass. The log piles are stacked up and the heating engineers' vans arrive to service the village Agas and Rayburns.

Number One Son will soon be heading back to university for his third year, the fairy grand-daughter has just started school and Number One Daughter is now a Mrs. The wedding is over and things are getting back to normal. But I am longing to see the photos. As mother of the bride, I had a handbag to carry so got someone else take the pictures.

The mobile library, with its knowledgeable and kindly librarian, will be pulling up outside the house soon. And Mr Grigg, who has taken the week off to finish the decorating, has just fired up Bob Dylan's Thunder on the Mountain, ready for his daily workout.

That's about it

Love Maddie x


  1. Hi Maddie,
    I've just put a blog announcement up myself and saw your entry which made me curious. I too have been mentioned by Authorblog recently.

    I saw your remark on the Purple Coo ballyhoo, that too made me curious to visit you.

    Well, now I have and I like what I've read. I too live in MU Mu land, although I only write about it very occasionally. Enjoy gentle autumn.

  2. Don't forget - we want to see the photos too! I love a good wedding.

  3. Congratulations on POTD! The pasty post is a classic that should be copyrighted before a comedy show steals it. In fact, all of your blog should be copyrighted.

  4. MuMu? Please explain!
    I love the return to fall and the feeling that this is the 'real' time of year - after the heat (well, over here there was heat) of summer and the frantic activity, fall brings routine and a certain seriousness with it.
    Waitig for those photos........

  5. God I hate autumn....nothing to look forward to (don't even mention Christmas) and dark mornings when I have to leave the house at 6am....

  6. Great blog maddie although we were more like summer up here today. We are waiting for photos too!

  7. This is 'my' time of year, the hunkering down and the chill and even the dampness of it all, the fighting of the dogs to prevent them eating all the brambles off the bush before I can get to them!
    Still no photos..... 'urry up Mrs!

  8. A really lovely post to read. My favourite season is autumn, the changes make our world seem so beautiful.

    CJ xx

  9. I love the crunchy Autumn! Even though I'm decades out of school, I have an urge to buy fresh white lined tablets and sharp pencils. It seems like the beginning of something to me, not the winding down of the year, as it seems to most. As always I can't wait to read about the happenings in your world.

  10. I've only just started blogging, so am flailing around looking to see what's interesting. This blog is! How can blind Titch bark at his own shadow? It'd made me happy to think he has a little bit of sight after all...

  11. Yep Autumn is definitely a time of change...and it must feel strange for you with the wedding over... somewhat akin to holiday blues. Enjoy the blackberries! x

  12. Living in LA what I miss most are the seasons. Your picture of those luscious blackberries made me want to jump on a plane and go home to my native Seattle.

    much love and congrats to your daughter...

  13. it's such a fab village yours, brought so vividly to life. But you must have started mighty young to be a granny. You don't sound like a granny.


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