Wednesday, 26 August 2009

T'was the week before the wedding

The wedding is getting nearer. Number One Daughter is behaving like Bridezilla, stressed up to the eyeballs, thinking she's talking about people behind their backs but actually saying it to their faces, wittering about table plans, spray tans and eyelash tints and praying for good weather.

The wedding coincides with Number One Grand-Daughter starting school (at only four years and two months) and the bridegroom going into business, on his own, in a recession.

'You can back out you know,' Mr Grigg, the snake, whispers to Number One Daughter's intended.

Like a shot, Number One Daughter, with the ears of a bat, retorts: 'I keep telling him that.'

Future son-in-law rather wisely keeps his mouth shut.

My old school friend is paying me another visit tonight. The one whose partner is top-notch fashion designer Jacques Azagury. (Just look at the Diana pages on his website). I thought my plea from earlier in the year about having a little something from the cutting-room floor had been taken on board. A sample maybe. One of Princess Di's cast-offs. But it has been totally forgotten.

I have just learned the bridegroom's mother has changed her choice of yellow to pink. As this is also the colour I will be wearing (I'm plumping for the charity shop number, glammed up with accessories), she and I will be at either end of the official photographs like bookends. Number One Granddaugther can't decide on the Spiderman outfit or Sportacus. Anything but the bridesmaid's dress.

Mr Grigg has picked up a bargain suit, a lovely dark navy pinstriped Jaeger one, reduced from £400 to less than £90 at Clarks Village. (Why does anyone ever pay top-whack for anything? Because they can, probably). I have also persuaded him a pink shirt is a must, explaining that men who wear pink are comfortable with their sexuality. The fact the colour will also complement what I'm wearing has nothing to do with it.

Several pots at the front of the house have just been knocked over in a howling gale, the neighbours' removal van has taken up the whole of the Square all day and I have just been prescribed tablets for acid reflux.

That's about it

Love Maddie x


  1. Tell Mr Grigg that a pink shirt and a dark blue suit, especially a previously expensive one, is the epitome of sartorial elegance, he will outshine everyone. Have a great day.

  2. Pink shirt and dark blue suit... I agree, a good colour choice. Tell him he needs a pair of Kenneth COle shoes and some flashy cufflinks to go with the whole outfit.
    This sounds like it's going to be a big affair.

  3. Laughing at Mr Grigg The Snake. My grandson is a July baby and he started school at four years and two months as well Maddie. It wasn't a good thing for him as his entire year were mostly almost one year older than him and he never caught up but I do believe if he'd been a girl he would have managed it better.

    Pink is making me smile as well.

  4. 4yrs 2 mths is waay too early poor thing. How can he start a biz on his wedding day or have I got my wires crossed?
    Love the picture at the top. I am sure it's NOT your daughter tho!

  5. Keep on chewing those tablets - you'll really need them by the wedding day. Of course, there is always Pept you get it over there? It's an amazing shade of pink, and would do the trick for our tummy while coordinating nicely with your ensemble,

  6. Love pink with dark suits. Very elegant I think. Poor daughter (though I sincerely hope she looks marginally prettier than the pic!).

  7. Oh that picture is priceless!!

    Weddings eh?!- you must look up Pam Ayre's "Don't invite me to the wedding" - it may raise a smile.

    Good luck! You will both look smashing.

  8. Hope you have a wonderful day and daughter relaxes a little.

    CJ xx


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