Monday, 31 August 2009

The cat in the hat

As the mists swirl around this village like something out of The Land That Time Forgot, the hall is ready to open its doors for the annual flower show.

Last year, I had the honour of opening this event, much to the dismay of my oldest sister, a primary school deputy head in a neighbouring county. So far, the extent of her duties in the village in which she has lived for 35 years has been to judge a children's art class. I am sure she did admirably. However, she has not yet forgiven me for usurping her.

'I'm the queen,' she hissed. 'And I can't believe you wore a hat.'

Given the opportunity, I will wear a hat every time. I am toying between hats for Number One Daughter's wedding. I am reluctant to wear the huge pink panama from Snooks the hatters for fear of obscuring the view of the guests behind me.

'But you're the bride's mother,' Mrs Bancroft sagely says. 'You can wear what ever hat you like.'

So I'm thinking about it.

Hats were off the menu meanwhile when I went to The Wild Garlic restaurant twice in one week. To find out how I got on at the place run by MasterChef winner Mat Follas (an occasional reader of this blog), go to Westcountry Miscellany.

That's about it

Love Maddie x


  1. Oh get a hat and flaunt your MOB-ness. At the very least get one of those bits of feather and twig that everyone seems to be popping on top of the head - a fascinator I think it's called. They haven't made it over here yet, but I see them in photos from the UK. Just be careful not to choose anything that might cause an accident - catch fire from candles, trip the MOG etc etc

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you actually do wear to the wedding!

  3. Mrs Bancroft is right. I have a Fascinator and I see Snook's have some very fetching ones in their window display. An excellent alternative to a Big Hat. And you don't get Hat Hair.

  4. when I got married for 2nd time - the invite said wear what you like so long as you wear a hat! Lurve hats! Everybody came up trumps and now looking back at the photos it looks like a spring day at Ascot - so glad I insisted on the hats - even the Registrar remarked on how glam it all was!

  5. Got put off hats a bit because of Bad School Memories and the awful penalties incurred if one was caught bare-headed. Why was it such a sin to stuff that awful velour jobbie into one's satchel?

    But yes, be bold get the most outrageous one you can muster. and post the photographs please.

  6. Yes, definitely wear a big hat. Low and wide brimmed would be the cool thing.

  7. Do you know, I've had my hair cut into a Miss Jean Brodie-style bob which will fit nicely under a hat. I consulted my hairdresser who calls 'fascinators' 'irritators' and threatened to cut my ears off if I wore one. So me, being timid, did what I was told. x

  8. Ooooh so exciting! Can't WAIT to be the mother of the bride. OK, she's only 5 but time flies, doesn't it? I was born in Bath and LOVE your neck of the woods. But we moved when I was 6 months old as Dad got a job in Herts. Looking forward to hearing about the ultimate hat. And do let me know if I can help with your essay in at all, I would LOVE to! Cassandra x

  9. Wish hats were more in vogue this side of the waters. I do love the look of them. I've always coveted a cloche with a 1920's type bob underneath. Do share when you've made your decision!


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