Friday, 17 July 2009

School's out

The wind is howling. Children leaving primary school for the very last time are howling.

Mrs Bancroft's hanging basket has come crashing down, along with the clematis on the wall. Posh Totty and MDF Man have got a fire going and it's still only six o'clock.

Crow Man has given up trying to change his flat tyre on his Land Rover Discovery outside my front door and called in reinforcements in the shape of the farmer who wears a deerstalker and long sideburns and sends tractors to the Third World.

The police have just paid a visit to the pub after another break-in. Not long after, the landlord's daughter arrives home from London after falling 20ft from a window on to concrete below and lives to tell the tale.

Ding Dong Daddy marches down the road for a swift pint as if keeping to the beat of an integral iPod playing jazz inside his polished head. The Union Jack outside the shop has wrapped itself around so many times it looks like a patriotic barber's pole.

Nobby Odd-Job drives by in his Range Rover, with its personalised number plate, and wearing a suit. The great trees on the village green bend and sway like the pictures you seen when the Caribbean has a hurricane.

Noel Edmonds plays mind games with Celebrity Farmer who sits beside his phone, waiting for the call that will tell him if he has made it on to Deal or No Deal. A blue plastic bag filled with dog crap lies on the edge of the field, the field that was recently the scene of a frank exchange of views among the silage between Celeb's dad and a stray dog walker.

A holidaymaking couple cross the square hand-in-hand. The brassy blonde woman looks old enough to be the man's mother. Four boys about to go into their second year of secondary school swagger by with bicycles and footballs, looking forward to September when they can boss the younger ones around. They snigger and quietly make rude remarks about a visiting family who go past them with a pushchair.

Silky volvar toadstools have sprung up on a pile of wood chippings outside Pelly's house as the sky gets darker.

There is a sense of foreboding in the air.

Here comes the summer.

That's about it

Love Maddie x


  1. Well I just have to follow your blog - 1) I live in Italy but when I was back in the UK last week my niece asked me if I were ever to move back to the Uk would I go to Norwich (where my dad is), Chislehurst (where my brother is) or Exeter (where my Mum is) and I said I would move to Dorset!! 2) On the way back to exeter last week we went to HFW's place in Axminster - after an appalling experience at Rick Stein's place in Padstow I was sceptical but I loved it - good food, a lovely space and in a normal place - much like your experince I think!

  2. I have two questions... Why is MDF Man so called and what was the incident between CFs dad and the dog walker? Sounds like I missed an episode. Also doesnt sound like you are having weather like you did in Greece. My brother just sent pics of he and his family on Pathos. They are all brown as nuts and the place looked great. Have a good weekend

  3. Well, you see, all this weather is happening now so on 5th Sept the sun will be cracking the pavements...

  4. Not sure about "here comes summer," I think it's more "there goes summer." We've all had our holiday, the weather's rubbish and when I goit up at 5am yesterday it was still quite dark - the first sign to me of approaching autumn.

  5. I feel all gloomy now. A spooky sort of read with a rather chilling atmosphere.

  6. Hmmmmmmmm-if that is the work-up to summer you might want to think about heading back to Greece.
    I enjoyed the Flat Stanley post - will have to look out for him over here!

  7. We are having a very September kind of day here in the hills USA. Sounds as if your experiencing much the same. Hope the sun breaks through.

  8. Crikey, wish I could see out of your window today, all I can see is grass and trees.

    Today they're green...again!

    I feel a city fix coming on,


  9. Kathryn - welcome! As the song goes, Dorset is beautiful. I wasn't expecting to like HFW's place but we have been back several times since.
    DP&M - MDF Man makes things. Out of MDF. It's amazing what you can do with the stuff. Honestly.
    Jude - fingers crossed for Sept 5 when our daughters get married (but not to each other, obviously).
    Gail - I would have gone back to sleep!
    Bugs - sorry. Will try to write a more cheerful post later...
    Pondy - I just knew you'd find FS interesting. He's great!
    Miss Marla - funny, you having the same kind of day. Hope it's brightening up.
    NWBD - your outlook sounds great. Is it sunny though?

  10. I am almost only leaving a comment as the word verif is 'oppiddla' which sounds so happy.
    We too are having bonkers weather, not very summery at all. Couldn't sleep last night coz I was so cold and had to get up to get a blanket and put a sweatshirt on over my pj's needless to say by the time I woke up this morning I was sweltering!


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