Friday, 5 June 2009

What a mistaka to make

We are about to go down to the sea again, to the beautiful sea and sky. Bella has come back from the menders with a new regulator and clutch and is purring away like only an old VW Beetle can. The noise is a bit like a bass Singer sewing machine powered by a large elastic band. Music to my ears.

We'll probably stop off for fish and chips, look down our noses at the holidaymakers and then turn our gaze to the West Bay cliffs and out to sea. I was once told that if you sailed out in a straight line between the two piers the first land mass you would hit would be Brazil. But as this was told to me by an old journalist who could belch God Save the Queen, I wouldn't want to try it.

It will be our second meal out this week, despite the credit crunch. The first was on Wednesday at the pub when we joined Nobby Odd Job for the weekly steak night. Mr Grigg had something of a first - steak surprise. It came as the landlord's daughter wiggled out from the kitchen, proudly carrying his steak aloft as if it were a haggis. The surprise came just as she was about to put the plate on the table. She let out a squeal, the plate jumped out of her hands and landed in a steak and chip and onion ring mess on the carpet.

She ran into the kitchen, got a dustpan and brush and then got down on her hands and knees to clear it up.

That's when I heard him utter the immortal words: 'While you're down there...'

I nearly picked up the steak myself and introduced it to the Ginsters pasty.

That's about it
Love Maddie x


  1. Have absolutley laughed out loud and still am! Excellant!!

  2. The images - busty server, steak on the floor, red-faced Mr G and you contemplating that introduction.........too funny!
    Did you have fish and chips today - made my mouth water.


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