Sunday, 14 June 2009

Fun in the sun

I had the pleasure of Number One Son's company for our village fun day weekend. He has come back from university and sprouted a beard. My first reaction was that Shaggy from Scooby Doo had just walked through the door. But Mr Loggins reckoned he looked more like Jude Law.

The scarecrow competition was a huge success and judged so graciously by CBeebies star Cerrie Burnell, who was simply lovely. The children adored her and the dads seemed pretty smitten too.

Here she is with the winner of the contest, the BFG:

A selection of scarecrow photos for you:

So fun day has been and gone for another year. Hundreds of people, glorious weather, a score and ten scarecrows, a bagpiper leading the village parade, loads of stalls and sideshows, a bouncy castle and tea ladies in dalmatian gear for the theme of children's fictional characters.

There were very few glitches on an almost perfect day. The new sound system made me sound like Norman Collier and the new dishwasher filled up the hall kitchen with water as Mr Grigg did his best Gordon Ramsey impersonation for the big village breakfast.

Today, my feet are tired and bruised after dancing the night away to Tuppence's band and Mr Grigg has a hangover.

But just don't mention the dishwasher. I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it.

My favourite scarecrow was this one - Harry Potter wearing his invisibility cloak. Genius.

And mine? A cardboard cut-out better known as Flat Stanley. Rubbish but easy and effective.

That's about it
Love Maddie x


  1. Great scarecrows.I like the Biggles one with its own aircraft. They've come on a bit since Worzel Gummidge.

  2. What an array of fantastic scarecrows!
    If I'd lived in a village like yours with so much fun and friendlyness,I wouldn't have sailed away!!
    So glad everything turned out so well
    ps. did you notice you get a mention on my last post? How long now?

  3. I think Flat Stanley is inspired not rubbish at all.
    Brilliant pics. & I am all for beards!

  4. Gail - Biggles was one of two Biggles entries. The picture I posted was the one done by the vicar's husband.
    Jude - great, aren't they? Lovely village. But Ithaca beckons. Just five more sleeps! Going to have a look at your post now.
    Thanks CK. But up against the others, he was a bit, well, flat. One for the beards then...

  5. There are some ingenius scarecrows there - and these are great pictures too.
    Have you ever thought of publishing a book of photos that depict village life? You could call it The World Through My Lens. I guarantee it would sell wel on my side of the pond.

  6. Dave - you are very kind. Glad you liked the pics.

  7. That looks like a lot of fun - nothing at all like that over here. There seem to be lots more community activities than we have - more spirit perhaps?
    OK - are you off somewhere exciting? If so, lucky you....of course, lucky us too as I'm sure you'll have your camera with you.
    What's the story with Flat Stanley? I tried to read the card with the photos below him, but couldn't make the print big enough.

  8. Pondside - if you click on the Flat Stanley link, you get the whole story. He was crushed by a pin board when he was in bed and, as a result, became flat and could be posted under doors and went to California in an envelope to save his family air fares. There is now a fascinating Flat Stanley project that children all over the world are involved in.
    Off to the Ionian sailing on Friday. I hope to switch over to The World from my Porthole blog, which is, as yet, virgin territory!

  9. Flat Stanley - brilliant! Thanks for posting all those wonderful pics, I really enjoyed them.

  10. what a fab collection, loved them all! really good fun. Your village sounds great.


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