Sunday, 10 May 2009

A village affair

This is the sight that greeted me on my walk with the dogs today just across the road. Lovely isn't it?

This is the stall outside the Grigg hovel this morning just before the crowds arrived, along with Monty Chocs-Away in his open-topped classic car, Celebrity Farmer in his Land Rover with two barking dogs in the back and Posh Totty on her way to Pony Club with Charlotte Whinge-Bucket (pronounced Bouquet) in the Disco*.

Pelly and I were side by side and found ourselves in matching baggy jeans (built for comfort, not speed), purple tops and sparkly flip flops. Pelly did rather better at selling than me. As an example, when asked how much the books were I said '20p, but you can have two for 50p'. Maths was never my strong point. Grade 3 CSE three times, and that was with private coaching from the retired headmaster of the boys' grammar school.

I am happy to report the carboy (in the picture above) went and so did the wardrobe. For a song, truth be told, but it was good to get rid of them.

Pelly sold her bike to Tuppence, who live about 10 yards from each other. Tuppence clocked it when she was eating her Sunday toast and Mr Grigg, like a cycling sandwich board, suddenly rode down the lane on it.

Our neighbour, sitting on a bunk bed for three with the rest of the family enjoying the sun, took a phone bid from Night Nurse who saw something she fancied on Gandalf's stall across the road.

The road has now reverted from Junk Street back to Genteel Lane. However, there is a cast iron bath, complete with claw feet, we are hoping will be picked up by passing pikeys. They are welcome to it, and the hernia they will get loading it into their white van.

This afternoon it was up on the community playing field for their annual fete, which was masterminded by Packman Bellows. He really didn't need the megaphone.

The snail racing, stewarded by Mrs Regal Bird and Manual was nailbiting stuff. Every which way but lose.**

I am indebted to Mr Sheepwash for gamely agreeing to take part in the dog show with one of our spaniels as I attempted to control the widdling puppy from the sidelines. Sadly, there was no class for the dog that looks most like a pig. But I would have been flummoxed when the judge, the local vet, asked what trick the dog could do. In a flash, Mr Sheepwash retorted: 'Well, he can sing the national anthem but he's lost his voice.'

Woof, woof.

That's about it
Love Maddie X
* Land Rover Discovery
** (deliberate sic)


  1. True village life! Loved it.

  2. Aaah - Snail Racing - yes - this is one of our favourite past-times (well, my daughter's, but I have to get involved too for fear of injury to small snails). She is obsessed with snails and only today we were outside in the garden collecting them, building a home for them and drawing lines on bits of card for them to race along. I'm glad we're not the only crazy British ones!

  3. Made me salivate, just looking at the photogragh....I'd have had the wardrobe, the carboy, the typewriter, there's some clothes hanging there that look promising....I so miss a car boot sale/village sale. The animal bazaars held here are so tame, there's not enough 'stuff' around as Cretans don't do that sort of thing and there's not enough of us.
    Thanks for your comments, I know you must understand. Our puppy is still peeing and chewing....

  4. Tantalising photograph! I'd love a good rummage in that lot.

  5. Snail racing? I've heard it all now! Come on, who is the celeb farmer? Tell us, tell us!!

  6. Withy Brook - glad you dropped by. I love it too!
    Maternal Tales - I've never been that fond of snails since my big brother tricked me into eating some I picked up from the road when I was I five. I've never forgiven him.
    Jude - I have a collection of typewriters I am slowly prising myself away from.If they didn't weigh so bloody much I'd post one to you.
    Preseli Mags - there's nothing like a good rummage.
    Reasons - you wouldn't know CF if you bumped into him on a bright sunny day. I might put up some audio of him interviewing celebrities at last year's Glastonbury Festival, if I can work out how to do it.

  7. Amazing photo!
    And it looks like a fabulous day. Real 'Country Life' book type stuff but actually happening. Lucky you.

  8. I think your life is quite mad, but very enjoyable! and what's a carboy???

  9. I always like seeing a village fete or such like. People coming together has to be a good thing for the community.

    CJ xx

  10. Milla - it's completely bonkers. A carboy is a big bottle used by chemists - I think. I had to look it up.
    CJ and CK - lucky to live here. It's the ley lines under the house that gives the square so much energy...

  11. You can't beat village life. You should make a video commentary and post that on your Blog too. Im glad to hear you cleaned up on the sales front.


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