Friday, 29 May 2009

Odds fish, it's Oak Apple Day

Just a quick blog this time. After the episode with the pasty, I haven't been right since.

So as the sun beats down outside my window, the bus reverses past my house to turn around, the mobile library is just about to pull up outside my door and four dogs are having a barking match outside the village shop, let me wish you a very merry Oak Apple Day.

It is the birthday of King Charles II and was once a public holiday held to mark the restoration of the monarchy.

I am no monarchist, believe me, but any excuse for a holiday and having fun is OK by me. Besides, I have a strong affinity with Charlie. Local legend has it that my house was one of the many places in which he stayed on his flight from the Battle of Worcester. Surprisingly, this 6ft 2in Moorish-looking young man went unnoticed in 1651 when England was populated by midgets.

Today, though, I can see the curtains of Mrs Bancroft and Night Nurse twitching as they ponder the identity of the dark haired man of similar height coming and going through my front door. This is no royal reincarnation. It is Des the carpet fitter, putting the finishing touches to our front room.

We have reorganised our house and tonight we are having an oak apple supper in our newly-created banqueting hall (Dave Pie and Mash, I jest). Our guests, Mr and Mrs Sheepwash, the aforementioned neighbours and Mr St John and Lady Friend will help us celebrate. They have been asked to wear a sprig of oak.

It is just as well Celebrity Farmer hasn't been invited. I could see him turning up with an oak leaf and nothing else.

That's about it
Love Maddie x


  1. I must remember this day for next year. As it is I am performing in some function at our local amateur theatre which I am not looking forward to at all. It will be rubbish.

  2. A King dossed on your sofa for the night and you try and pretend you jest about the banquet hall? Hey, posh is posh. Be loud and proud about it. Your posh in my book.

    I hope pasty isn't on the menu tonight.

    But why is it your carpet fitter is called Des? Why not Walter Wall?(Get it? Wall to wall... like a carpet.. oh forget it. Tough audience).

  3. That's a holiday I've never heard of...and imagine - you live in a house that a king visited.
    I hope your dinner party was a roaring successs and I hope to read all about it.

  4. Rose- I do hope your performance went well. Bet it wasn't rubbish at all, and I look forward to hearing about it.
    Dave, the Grigg hovel is a cut above the oak tree Charlie slept in. But only just.
    Pondside - we are all speaking after the dinner party so it went pretty well.


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