Thursday, 2 April 2009

Larger than life

Number One Son was poked and prodded as we ventured into the pub last night for the football. The deal was that Mr Grigg could watch the match in return for the three of us taking advantage of the pub's weekly steak night. This meant the pub was full of World From My Window characters including Celebrity Farmer, MDF Man and Posh Totty, Packman and Sparky Mark.

The latter told my boy: 'Ah, you must be The Chosen One.' At which the undergraduate blushed deeply. I was then reprimanded for not updating the blog often enough, especially with tales from the village. My retort is that they need to do something to make it interesting. Sparky Mark then proceeded to explain his rather complicated living arrangements in two counties. It sounded more like a sitcom script than real-life.

Celebrity Farmer, meanwhile, has just returned from London with my radio recording equipment including a large microphone. He was pretending to be a researcher from Farmer Wants A Wife. He says the women were falling at his feet. I have been asked to download the audio footage for him so, to use one of Celeb's own chat-up lines, I might slip in a snippet here some time.

Back in the village there is nothing much to report, apart from the fact that thieves have stolen heating oil from the village hall tank four times in the last month. I have to say I just don't think the Heath-Robinson catgut and windchimes alarm is much of a deterrent.

Mr Sheepwash showed me video footage of his pond at least four times the other night. It is a seething mass of tadpoles. Mr Grigg came in partway through the showing and thought it was Mr Sheepwash's sample.

It was due to be my last day at the Death Star today, the day when I finally got to see the light. However, I have been asked to cover maternity leave, possibly until September, so the novel will just have to wait and the corporate black slacks will be staying on the hanger.

Oh, and by the way, because I am in paid employment for the next six months, it was me who footed the steak night bill. Mr Grigg sure has a great life.

That's about it

Love Maddie x


  1. They are right, Maddie. You should write more about the village. Since I started reading your Blog I have fouond no reason to keep downloading episodes of Emmerdale.

  2. Farm life is so wonderful. Being a farmer's wife has its many advantages like being able to muck in (and out) but there's still a role to play, and the farmer makes sure his doesn't involve any housework!!

    CJ xx

  3. Yes, more village stories please. Nothing half so interesting here.....and I probably have the only pond in creation with no frog spawn.

  4. I was wondering if the folk in your village knew you were writing about them.. I'd love to do it here but I don't think a, you'd believe what went on sometimes or b, anybody here has a sense of humour and would be able to laugh at themselves.I'm talking about the ex-pat community that lives near by not the local Cretan (well,obviously not, not that many have tv never mind computers)
    More tales, please!!!!!!!


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