Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Follow your dreams

There is a world beyond my window. I see it sometimes when I am out and about. But more often than not, it comes to me through the power of the television screen.

Reality TV, game shows and talent competitions? I avoid them whenever possible. But after a busy day on Sunday (see previous post), I plonked myself on the sofa next to the kids and prepared to switch off for Britain's Got Talent. This is the show our pub landlord once auditioned for. His fine rendition of a Frank Sinatra number was upstaged by sword-swallowing, egg-juggling unicyclists.

So I was prepared to be underwhelmed. And then, out of of the blue, a woman the same age as me but who looked a bit like my mum, came on the stage. She was wearing the kind of gold dress you see languishing in the corner of a charity shop, black tights and even blacker eyebrows. The audience and the 'celebrity' judging panel sniggered. And then Susan Boyle began to sing.

It made me cry - and it's already had more than two and half million hits on YouTube.

That's about it
Love Maddie x


  1. Thanks for that Maddie... I'm blubbing!! How wonderful was that??
    What happens to her now? Don't leave me dangling.............

  2. I can only watch this programme with wine Maddie and this was awesome.

  3. Sorry - this was awesome without wine.

  4. Sorry, haven't watched that program apart from the one which Paul Potts won.

    CJ xx

  5. Wasn't it one of the very best moments Ever on telly?? I LOVED it. And cried, of course...

  6. I saw it and cried too with joy. So inspiring. I wish her well. Fun to see Simon smile for a change too. And seeing the other two judges moved so obviously and deeply was rewarding as well. I think she made the whole world THINK anew.

  7. I missed her perform - came in just in time to see the strip-tease (my son's eyes were on stalks)....but she sounds great - all power to her....


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