Monday, 30 March 2009

Wind power

Bloated. Fat. Muffin top. All these words relate to me today after a three-course meal on Saturday night followed by scrumptious Sunday lunch yesterday and then a spicy supper.

I blame Mrs Bancroft. She's the one who has always taught me never to turn down an invitation.

I am doubled up with wind, the belt on my jeans is digging in to my stomach and making an interesting imprint. I will need a crane to lift me out of this chair. Beware anyone who comes too close behind me when I walk the dogs later on.

I feel like the woman on the Nimble bread advert but for all the wrong reasons. She flew like a bird in the sky, light as anything, floating in her hot air balloon. I, too, will be shooting across the field. But in the way a balloon filled with helium does when it is let down.

With my iPod on, I will be oblivious as the whole village crumbles in my wake.

That's about all I can manage

Love Maddie x


  1. No mention of the dreaded white wine Maddie. Were your arms waving about too much to write any more?

  2. If anyone confronts you about this, just blame the dogs.

  3. Hey - that's what I was going to say....blame it on the dogs.
    Will you be undertaking any fasting regime or cardio-workouts after all that?

  4. You must nibble daintily in future but I agree never turn down an invitation involving food and drink !!

  5. I thought 'ladies' didn't do that! It is defo the dog and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Sounds like you enjoyed it though!

  6. Remember what happened to the Nimble lady - she became fat and tried to kill a baker's dozen (13 bakers)

  7. The wind'll be blowing when you walk the dogs!


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