Thursday, 5 March 2009

The Toad Princess

I woke up this morning, leapt out of bed, peeped through the curtains and, guess what? Yep, snowed in again! Farmers with snow plough attachments on their tractors are doing their best to clear the roads but there are abandoned cars all over the village. The dog walk that usually takes 20 minutes took an hour because the snow was so deep. I had snow inside my boots and the older spaniel picked up snowballs on his chest and back legs and ended up looking like a poodle.

My five lovely wind-sculpted beeches stood out like sentinels over the village.

The doorbell has just rung. It is Mr Loggins, back from a skiing holiday and behaving like an excited child with all this snow on his own doorstep, while Darling Loggins looks at him lovingly. They have called to tell us we have been invited to a communal soup lunch at the Sheepwashes. Yum yum.

A few days ago it was spring. I know this because I had a different coat on, I wore shoes for the first time in months, Nobby Odd-Job returned from Down Under like a migrating Canada goose and the toad crossing signs went up in the village. And now all this snow.

I have decided not to risk life and limb by venturing to the Death Star where I am doing some freelance work. It's simply not worth it. A chance, instead, to catch up on all the things I need to do - like tidy my home office, take all my files out of the cardboard boxes and put them in the filing cabinet, graciously given to me by Mr St John's Lady Friend, and really knuckling down to my OU film and television history studies. This might mean I have to watch Titanic this afternoon. I could probably get away with not watching it. But I would feel like I had cheated. It is a barrier that is getting higher and higher the longer I put it off.

Last night I had supper with an old school friend I hadn't seen for years. His partner is a very upmarket fashion designer to the rich and famous. So, with my daughter's wedding in September, I was rather hoping that by today I would be the proud owner of a designer dress for the occasion. A woman whose sense of style I very much admire said to me last week: 'I can't image you in pink chiffon. You need to have something a bit funky.' Last night I pleaded with my friend for maybe a sample, something from the cutting room floor or one of Lady Di's cast-offs. I could see myself as a kind of Toad Princess, transformed into a high class beauty for a day. I told my friend it would be great publicity. But he was having none of it.

I've got a few months to think about it. But I know what will happen. I'll end up getting something from Monsoon at the last minute that I'll never wear again. Or maybe I could raid Pelly's wardrobe. Or maybe...yes, I've got it. I'll organise a clothes swap and be very careful about who is invited. Women who are my size and with expensive, glamorous tastes. Oh, Maddie, you're a genius.

That's about it
Love Maddie x


  1. We have no snow at all, can only look at photos sent via emails from friends who are up to their ankles/knees but not beyond, in it. It's mighty cold at nights again, though this hasn't deterred the amorous froggie who would-a'wooing-go.....
    Love the blog... have you no frock exchange shop nearby where they might have hats to borrow.. though I would be wary of buying anything like a hat that had belonged to someone else, same with shoes. Luckily I don't take to hats and never get taken anywhere I have to wear one either.. not since school and the straw boater in summer, navy beret in winter, advancing to bowler once teenage years hit.
    Something funky sounds good, fun.. and a definite improvement on Barbara Cartland pink chiffon. Look forward to the photos!

  2. Maybe the designer friend will sleep on it and be inspired to come up with a little numero for you. I don't envy you the task of trying to find something to wear. Good luck with the search.

  3. What is it about being the Bride's Mother and having to get a frock?

    I have a friend who is a really edgy dresser yet every time she gets a wedding invite she goes into a flat spin and buys a totally unsuitable outfit.

    Good luck with it Maddie.

    Word verification is 'arpcockl'

  4. I'm sure you'll find the perfect outfit - you must post a piccie when you do, preferably with you in it!

    It hasn't snowed up here yet but it's certainly cold enough.

    CJ xx

  5. I love reading your blog Maddie - wonderfully entertaining - but serious of course. ;) Will you write for my website too? - open to any suggestions you might have. I'm all for things creative!!

    And ....If you like something stylish and individual to wear to the wedding ....then check out we often have a bargain or two ... so sometimes people get lucky and get a steal deal. And as you write so brilliantly - I'll prove to you that this is not a normal 'sales' pitch by sorting something extra special for you. If you want to get in touch me through the Arts Wales site - or Twitter - remember you are following me on account of 'Morris: A Life with Bells On'

    Keep up the great writing. There are not many blogs that I bother to return to - but yours is definitely worth the effort!

  6. Lovely snow pics - I like it in pics but not reality.

    My daughter got married last June. I got a lovely outfit from CC (the old Country Casuals) - really gorgeous and not boring (but not funky either - so may not suit)

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  8. Having read this I started off on a long train of thought was to what on earth I will wear when I'm mother of the bride - and my girl's only 5. I do like to have something to worry about! Good luck with the search. I can't say I'm envious of your snow - I'm ready for flip flops and long cold drinks now.

  9. I hope that the designer friend has a change of heart. There's no wardrobe challenge to match the 'mother of' dress challenge. At my son's wedding I looked like the cleaning lady, on her day off, dressed in madam's castoffs.
    Too awful.

  10. Hello, just popped in from Purple Coo.. enjoyed your last posts, made me giggle!
    Now, I know I'm out of the way here but am I missing something big, Pondside has really worried me, regarding the mother of bride outfit,is it THAT important???I'm, like you, looking for that outfit for Sept.My daughter is getting married in Wales but the choice of outfits here is diabolical...have you seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding???
    Thanks for the peep into your village.

  11. When I got married my mum wore trousers & my dad a kilt. My nan thought it very funny that sartorial 'roles' were reversed!
    Surely now is a bit early to get the dress? What if you go off it?

    Lovely snow pics, lucky lucky you!


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