Saturday, 14 March 2009

Last orders please

Stop press: Mr Grigg looked out of our bedroom window last night wondering what was going on after we'd left the pub (see yesterday's posting). It was around midnight, the lights were on but the curtains were closed. 'Phone up and find out,' I said. So he did.

He put on a silly accent, like the policeman in Allo Allo, and spoke to Mrs Super Mario, who hooted with laughter, having guessed the mystery caller's identity straight away. No flies on her.

Good moaning, it's a lock-in

Did we miss a lock-in? Then we realised, lock-ins went out with the relaxation of the licensing laws. Perhaps someone should tell Super Mario. But you should say zis only vunce.

That's about it

Love Maddie x


  1. For once Maddie and I were not amongst the last to leave our local hostelry and be seen weaving our way across to our 'nest'.

    What went on after we left?
    Did Super Mario do his 'bartop two step' or did Mrs Super Mario do a 'Mimi'?

    Will all be revealed or was it last night?

  2. Lock-ins? You mean they used to lock you inside the pub? Some people might not mind that too awfully much.


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