Saturday, 28 March 2009

Chicken Run

The strawberry blond lead of Morris: A Life with Bells On could have been Celebrity Farmer. Or at least how Celeb used to look. I have just seen him on his way to charm the London city girls and he has reinvented himself. Designer shades and a new haircut. What is going on?

Who knows, but there is plenty going on this weekend.

Mr St John and Lady Friend moved in together yesterday and the plethora of removal lorries filled the street.

Mimi and Larry have returned from the sun and are back behind the bar.

The builder (with shirt on) is hard at work in our front room.

Morris played to a full house at the village hall last night. Lots of chuckles and guffaws, especially at the 'local' jokes such as a scene at 'Dorchester Airport'. Dorchester has no airport, nor are there plans to create one. Unless the producers of the film have heard this is intended by Prince Charles as part of his toytown kingdom of Poundbury.

Royal idyll: HRH and Poundbury Village, Dorchester

I was particularly impressed with producer and actress Lucy Akhurst's Westcountry accent. She has clearly been around these parts. Her pronunciation of 'old' as 'ode' was spot-on.

Our outing last night was the first in a series of activities happening over the next day or so. Tonight, we are off to a Golden Wedding party for a couple my husband has never met.

Tomorrow Mrs Bancroft has invited us to Sunday lunch and then it's off to the Logginses for a Spring Forward supper. However, I must not neglect my studies. I need to find time in between all this socialising to get down to some hard work.

Foghorn Leghorn: 'I say, I say, boy...'

Finally, there is a battle going on down the road between Russell's crow and his owner's wife, Randy. Chuck the cockerel behaves perfectly with his owner and young sons. But when poor Randy arrives to feed him and the hens, the dreadful creature turns on her, talons outstretched, ready to pounce. She has taken to wearing her husband's clothes to throw him momentarily off the scent and then fending him off with a bag and shouting 'Paxo'.

That's about it - or should I say, I say that's all folks.

Love Maddie x


  1. Its funny how what you least expect to be good turns out to be great. I can imagine I would not have been enthused at the thought of a play about Morris dancers. I miss local drama groups. Yours sounds great.

  2. We have Morris dancers over here, but there's little of the dramatic about them.
    I've never heard of Poundbury - more googling, I think.

  3. I love this blog it's so interesting the goings-ons in your neck of the woods. I saw something about the making of the film - looks good.

    By the way, there is a wee award for you over at my place today. x

  4. Well I hope you enjoyed your weekend and your Sunday lunch. Prince Charles always looks terribly well-groomed. I know he's our future King an'all but he really does scrub up well.

    CJ xx


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