Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow joke

We are hit by snow and freezing temperatures. The forecasts have been grim for days. And guess what? Mr Grigg forgot to order the bloody oil. As the level went precariously low, he switched the central heating off, shut down the Aga and piled loads of logs on the woodburner in the front hall. We went to the cinema with Mr and Mrs Sheepwash to keep warm.

Last night I wore a woolly hat in bed. So, as this was accompanied by colourful pyjamas and pink socks, I looked rather fetching. And do you know? I didn't care. I thought if Mr Grigg turns over and sees he is sleeping with a creature from the Baltic States, tough. It's his fault for not ordering the bloody oil. He spent the morning scouring around for stray oil tankers, thinking he could stop one and buy some. When he returned, our lovely oil men, from Minster Fuels, were knocking on the door with a delivery. So all is well. Apart from the fact that the central heating doesn't seem to work. But all those logging sessions are beginning to make sense as we huddle around the woodburner trying to keep warm.

Mr Grigg has just rung the plumber about the central heating. He will be here within the hour. So what with that and the efficiency of our oil men, things are definitely looking up. All those stories you hear about tradesmen being notoriously unreliable does not cut any ice in the Grigg household. At least for today.

That's about it
Love Maddie x

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