Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Morris: A Life with Bells On

Everyone in the know down these parts is talking about it (mostly in the Westcountry burr I was born with).

Morris: A Life with Bells On is a film that ought to be the next Calendar Girls or Hot Fuzz without so much of the swearing. One of those heartwarming, idiosyncratic comedies the English do so well. But strangely, a national distributor has yet to take it on. This low budget movie cost just £500,000 to make, which is peanuts in film-making terms. Its cast boasts the likes of Sir Derek Jacobi, Harriet Walter and Greg Wise. But at the moment it is showing in just a few score village halls across Dorset and neighbouring counties. Which is great for me, because it'll be right on my doorstep. And I've already booked my ticket! Hoorah!

Moviola, the touring film company about which I've previously blogged, has a local hit on its hands. Says administrator Christina Walkley: 'I thought we must have this, our audiences will love it'. And after speaking to Twist Films, Moviola are now showing Morris all over the area. And love it the audiences are, even the dyed-in-the-wool morris men who might have been forgiven for thinking before they saw the film that they were being mocked. Writer Chaz Oldham, who takes the lead role, was quick to point out in a BBC interview that it was more of a parody. Probably worried he might be lynched with bells, staves and hankies if it was seen as a piss-take. But even morrismen have a sense of humour. Have to, to take it up in the first place.

There is now a Facebook campaign and a petition to get the film distributed nationally. So if you would like to see it and don't have Moviola on your doorstep, make your voice heard.

That's about it
Love Maddie x


  1. And Pals Blog has exactly the same Morris: A Life with Bells On as you have Maddie.


  2. Don't have Moviola just the Screen Machine - travelling cinema in a lorry - so don't suppose it'll come this far north?


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