Thursday, 5 February 2009

Let it snow!

The snow is melting but, hey, as I write, big dollops are coming down outside my window in the Square . A severe weather warning has been issued for the South West over the next 24 hours and with both of us working from home tomorrow, we are hoping for another snow day. It's looking good.

There was a Blitz-like community spirit here for a while when the snow was at its deepest. But for every action there is a reaction. Night Nurse nearly got run over by a lorry because she was was worried I would see her tip-toeing like an old lady on the pavement outside the shop so walked in the road instead. Rubbish bags and recycling boxes are still piled up outside people's houses because the bin men broke down. And a coffin had to be quickly concealed in a hearse's secret compartment when the vehicle came to a grinding halt on the corner and stopped overnight. Celebrity Farmer's dad is not happy after the field in which he had sown grass seed late last year was trampled by assorted snowgoers, sledges and skis.

Celeb himself was conspicuous on Tuesday night in a large tractor, towing a damsel driver in distress up into the Square. He shone his great tractor beams in my window and blinded me. I thought it was a meeting of Jedi knights, light sabres and crossed polarity. Mrs Bancroft across the road thought he was going to plough into her car. Mr Grigg rather sagely says this is the first bird Celebrity Farmer has pulled in the village for some time.

Mr St John is still helping Lady Friend move into the mansion Love Nest. He offered some free hardcore to Celeb, who was very tempted. Until the latter realised it was not Debbie Does Dallas but rubble from Lady Friend's hidden Southfork-style drive.

With the bad weather, we have been getting to grips with our new Sky box. But there is only so much Sumo TV and The Fishing Channel a girl can watch. However, a Love Film envelope containing The Kite Runner is still sitting on the coffee table. I feel I have to be in the mood to watch it and also to cope with Mr Grigg's outbursts when he realises it is subtitled.

A full weekend is in the offing with yet another quiz tomororw night in which Mr and Mrs Loggins will be our partners (Mrs L's vast knowledge is really quite scary, Mr L just thinks he knows a lot) , entertaining Packman and his wife and Muscle and Randy on Saturday night and then rabbit stew on Sunday evening at Chez Loggins.

Can't wait.

That's about it
Love Maddie x

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