Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Oh say, can you see?

As I watched President Obama being sworn in on telly yesterday, I looked out for Mrs Pelly Sheepwash and family. It was hardly likely I would see them in among the two million or so lining the Washington mall. But I knew they were there. When they got the chance to be in on such a slice of history, they jumped at it, with various Pelly-lets joining them along the way. Who wouldn't, if you had a sister with Democrat connections?

It was an awe inspiring moment, even if he did fluff his initial lines. His words were magical, musical, although like Wife in the North I flinched when I heard the bit about America being ready to lead the world once more. Says who? Apart from that, I enjoyed the flag waving, the specacle and the sheer thought something like that could happen. I don't expect Obama to save the world, but he'll make a good crack of saving his country. I think. We should all give him the time he needs and not expect miracles overnight.

As I watched the historic moment unfold in front of me, I had a telephone call from a village hall committee member sending his apologies for last night's meeting. Reality hit in, and I headed up the frosty green to take the minutes. It didn't take long and the best bit was at the end of the meeting when four or five village stalwarts, combined aged 465, scrabbed around on their knees trying to vacuum out dusty radiators with a Henry that didn't work. Mrs Robinson, who I am renaming Mrs Bancroft to avoid unintentional defamation, should never have resigned from this dynamic group. I am reliably informed that hall audiences are set to go up when MDF man starts work on the new kitchen, funding for which was secured by Mr Grigg.

Tuppence tells me I have cheered her up this week and she hasn't laughed so much in a long time. Which is good, because she is my friend. When Pelly gets back from the States, the three of us must all go out on the town - Tuppence the eldest but wildest, Pelly the middle and sensible one and me, the youngest, who is very easily led.

Come home soon Pelly, I miss you!

That's about it
Love Maddie x


  1. Wonderfully funny blogspot about life in rural Englands underbelly, I'm glad though that the carpet is not yours or I'm not sure if I could return with a straight face :) It isn't yours is it ? (rushes back gripped with panic, I wouldn't fancy getting on the wrong side of Mr Grigg)

  2. I know you, Mrs-Strawberry-Tunnel-Apple-Pruner you.


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