Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Always look on the bright side of life

I don't wish to pile more gloom and doom on an already saturated gloomy and doomy situation. But someone asked me a couple of weeks ago if I actually knew anyone who had been affected by the recession. At the time, it was only my daughter who had been hit. I say 'only'. As a young mum with a mortgage and a wedding later this year, she wasn't expecting it. But the people she worked for had to trim their cloth according to their sails and, woomph, Number One Daughter was pushed overboard. She coped, of course. She always does. Got herself work within days via Facebook and now juggles three jobs and breeds rabbits for a living.

A few weeks on and I hear more friends and acquaintances are suffering. Well respected people I have worked with for years are suddenly made redundant, or expected to do the jobs of three people. Others whose contracts just aren't being renewed. And there's me, with about a month to go at the Death Star and then what? Who knows. Something will turn up. I have a part-time job I enjoy that keeps me ticking over. And I have just applied for a full-time job umpteen miles away. I don't really want it. I'd hate to work in one job full time again, after four years of being self-employed. And I despise offices. But however hard you scour the job ads, there is nothing for 'wannabe travel writer, no talent necessary', 'we are seeking Maddie Grigg to present a new show about the countryside' or 'woman with no experience sought for mobile library service, fantastic rates of pay and free driving gloves'. I haven't even seen any ads for mushroom pickers or newspaper delivery boys and girls. Newspapers, now there's a thing of the past. More and more provincial newspaper staff are losing their jobs and there is talk of at least two nationals going to the wall.

But life still goes on. Has to. People have to rethink what they want and how they do things. Creative thinking. I'm all for it. One of my friends has just come up with a winner - adventure funerals. Now there's an idea.

That's about it
Love Maddie x

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