Monday, 1 December 2008

Bah, Medley Schmedley

You're at a ball in your best dress and dolly shoes. You're watching everyone on the dance floor. Sniggering at the man who can't dance and his partner doing his best to look the other way. You're umming and ahhing about getting up and doing your thing. The Temptations start up with Get Ready, you take to the dance floor and get into the swing, albeit a bit self consciously. Your confidence grows as you mouth along to the chorus. And then it changes into bloody Junior Walker and the All Stars. Bugger.
Then you're 17 again when Abba's Dancing Queen starts up. But just when you were least expecting it it slips up a gear into Gimme, Gimme, Gimme a Man After Bloody Midnight.
Medleys. I hate them. Jive Bunny have a lot to answer for. Mr Grigg was so enraged at Saturday's ball he had words with the DJ. The response was: 'I've been doing this 20 years mate. I know what gets people dancing.' Mr Grigg promptly told him he's been dancing for more than twice that long and the DJ's choice of music was '' rubbish. Not surprisingly, every record after that was a medley.
A leisurely morning followed, with cooked breakfast in the village hall, courtesy of a local group raising money for the football field. The hall was packed. Kids were running everywhere like rats without the Pied Piper as snow flakes fell outside. When the WI went into the hall this morning to decorate for Christmas, the key for under the stage was missing. Much cursing ensued, apparently, and they had to go in from outside, forming a human chain in the frost to pass the decorations back through into the main hall.
This evening, just before sunset, woodsmoke wafts from the chimneys, creating a long, low, white cloud running the length of the village. Cars are iced up, the grass is frosting and I pray for snow in the morning so I don't have to go into the office.
That's about it
Love Maddie x


  1. I can see and hear Mr Grigg making that comment.

  2. Those wretched DJs always do medleys at any gathering where there are multiple age groups. I'm always hopeful for Lieutenant Pigeon and Yellow Dog.


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