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Right royal fun in Lush Places

The village hall in Lush Places wasn't exactly packed for the Royal Wedding. But it wasn't exactly sparse, either.

Locals gathered together with food to share (and drink to keep hold of) as the big screen worked its magic. I did notice, though, some rather upmarket and expensive scotch eggs which didn't stray far from the person who had brought them.

The bride looked stunning in a simple, white dress, and the bridegroom was a handsome, dashing serviceman in uniform. The coverage was well worth watching, if only to see Windsor Castle in all its glory and St George's Chapel lit up by those lovely flowers.

Everyone agrees, though, that the preacher, The Most ReverendMichael Curry, made his mark. No-one's going to forget that address in a hurry. We loved the sentiment and power and culture-clashing zeal of his sermon. But it was far too long. He was aiming for six or seven minutes, but it went on for fourteen.

Love is the only way, its true, but the sermon caused howls of …

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