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Here's wishing you warmth and light on the summer solstice

It's the longest day today, the summer solstice, and I'm in a field of wheat  making my way up towards one of my favourite places.

I never wear headphones on my walks because I enjoy listening to the natural sounds around me: the song of the skylark, the wind in the hedge, a tractor starting up on a nearby farm, a collie dog barking and a mole rustling at my feet.

And then I hear, in the distance, the train going up to Crewkerne and then on to London and I think to myself, I'm so glad I'm out here in the wide open countryside, with just the dog for company.

Give me land, lots of land, under starry skies.

Or Dorset blue ones in this case.

And then Julianna Barwick's wonderfully evocative, choral loops just enter into my ears, as if by magic.

The grass has been cut for hay so we can walk down to The Wishing Tree without getting wet to way past our knees. The dog and I march along the striped carpet underfoot, which is not unlike something I've just ordered from the Axm…

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