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Hello Dolly, it's International Women's Day

It's International Women's Day today, a day that takes on more significance this year as women across the world press for change.

The history of this named day is interesting if you want to find out more. But I've taken to the blog today not to talk about the women who inspired me (my mother, my teacher-aunts, my big sisters and Anne Boleyn. Anne Boleyn? Yes, I always did back the underdog) but to talk about the companions of my childhood in the 1960s.


I still have two of mine - Holly and Milly. The latter was named after the My Boy Lollipop singer.  I hadn't taken on board that, unlike me, she was black. She was just my doll.

I had another doll called Abigail who came from a toy shop in Ilminster (as did Randy, my teddy bear named after the cowhand in The Virginian). But Abigail was not made from as stern a stuff as Holly and Milly. She finally went to doll heaven when I was in my twenties.

(As a Somerset girl, I used to pronounce the word 'doll' as 'daw…

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